LAST AI is an artificial intelligence consultancy company that aims to embrace the recent advancement in AI in three different ways. 

By understanding the latest research trends and discoveries, provide it to our customers,  by highlighting the most advanced AI Applications, our own applications and our contribution to the research community and finally by featuring top global and regional scientists and researchers. 


AI Applications

The greatest impact of AI will happen in the many domains that it can be applied.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

One of the main communication channels among humans, great advancement in Natural Language Processing that gave us Google Translate, auto correction and more.... . Natural Languages Processing is one of the domains that will transform our lives in the coming decades.

Computer Vision

The ability of our machines to see through cameras is showing many promising results in object detection, recognition and many other areas of computer vision applications. Computer Vision is another domain that will affect the way we live.

Machine Learning

It all started by asking the question? can machines learn like human beings. Machine Learning still a scientific umbrella that breeds many new specialization and domains on a daily basis.

Data Science and Engineering

It is all about data, the recent advancement in AI was not possible without the available data that have powered the machine learning algorithms.

Robotics and Automation

The original thought about robotics was these big machines that will be able to do things that humans will not be able to do. It seems to be that robots of the future will be more about swarm like systems that will work together in a smart and coordinate way.

Complexity Science and Emerging New Fields of Enquiry

Science and knowledge is in a continuous expansion, new fields emerge from the intersection of old knowledge, the development of technology also affects how we behave as human beings. The intersection between man made systems and nature/god made systems is a changing dynamics. We aim to make sure that we have some level of understanding of the emerging fields that might help our AI work.

The Brain and General Inteligence

We know many things about how our brain works, but we did not unlock the full mystery of the brain. Thinking about Human intelligence and how we can build systems with general intelligence capabilities. will be one of the great areas of inquiry in the 3rd and 4th decade of the 21st century.



Feras Naser is a system engineer with wide range of research interests, he has developed many systems that utilizes  the new trend of digitization, data collection and data analysis. recently, Feras has done few experiments to understand the usage of computer vision technology in railway environments. 


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